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Yes. It's time...

I’ve been blogging on my golf course’s website for about three years.  Since I began, I have developed a relationship with my golfers that simply didn’t exist before.

When they see me in the clubhouse, they’ll stop me and talk to me about something that I have written or ask me a question about a topic that’s been covered.

Blogging has helped to establish my golf course as an expert in many areas.  It has also made me be a human in my golfer’s eyes.  I am very open and candid with the activities that take place around the golf course.  Golfers have a better understanding of what exactly goes in to providing a quality golf course.

Blogging is a great platform to explain processes that might otherwise not seem relatable to your average golfer.

When designing your website, it should be an extension of your relationship with your golfer that you have when they are greeted at the door.  Are you more formal?  Relaxed and easy going?  What is the language that you and your staff use with your golfers?  You’ll want that language to translate to your blog.

Here’s the problem with blogging.  Most golf courses are using website companies that have stuck them into a box where blogging isn’t an option.  They have forced you to create a website that is basically a glorified brochure.

Although your website is pretty, it really doesn’t serve much purpose in your overall marketing strategy.  There’s really no reason for your golfer to come to your site other than to check your pricing, look at a few pictures and possibly make a tee time.

If your golf course is depending on a third party to book your tee times, then you’re missing out in a BIG way because you’ve never established a relationship with your golfer.  They skip your website completely because they can find all of the information they need on the third party site.

A website is a place where golfers learn to know, like and trust you as a business.  Blogging is a great way to establish this relationship.

The Schedule

If you’re anything like me, you’re busy.

As in, you work 60+ hours a week in the peak season.

Although I’m technically the General Manager, I often find myself being the scheduler, the toilet plunger, or the person who moves around tables and chairs preparing for an event.

That’s why you create a schedule for your blog posts way in advance.  You gotta OWN YOUR TIME!

I can sit down once a month for an hour and write four blog posts for my website.  I’ve established a rhythm and routine that adds value.  When I’m ambitious, I’ve even been known to write them several months in advance.  It’s all about being the master of your domain. — Pun intended.

Trust me.  Everyone can find an hour out of your month to write a little bit.  If you aren’t that person, then delegate that task.

I’m not talking about writing a book.  I’m talking about writing one to two paragraphs that describe something that is taking place at your golf course.

Find a staff member or find four staff members, so they each only have to write one post.  It will take less than 30 minutes, but the benefits will be overwhelming!

What to Blog About

People LOVE to see what is going on behind the scenes.  If you think it’s boring, then the chances are that your golfers will love it.

Here’s a list of subjects you can write about!

  • Types of Mowers
  • Deliveries into your Golf Shop
  • History of the Course
  • Projects Around the Course
  • Your Top 5 Best Sellers
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Featured Golfers
  • Hole in One Club
  • Charities that You Support
  • A Day in the Life
  • Other Events (weddings, anniversaries, parties, etc.)
  • Feature Staff
  • Golf Tips
  • Group Lessons
  • How to Plan a Golf Tournament
  • Vendor Spotlight
  • Top 12 Mistakes Golfers Make
  • How to Make a Tee Time Online
  • Planned Updates
  • Benefits of Aerating
  • Favorite Recipes
  • Your Recent Experience at Another Course
  • The list goes on…


The best way to get started is to theme your months.  This will help you to focus on what you plan to write about each month and give you some clarity.

Here are the themes for my months for the upcoming year:

  1. January:  Golf Tips
  2. February:  Love of Golf
  3. March:  Marketing Calendar
  4. April:  Planning Your Graduation Party
  5. May:  How to Plan a Golf Fundraiser
  6. June:  Featured Staff
  7. July: Planning Your Fantasy League
  8. August:  Patriot Golf Day
  9. September:  Why Golf is Better than Football
  10. October:  Completed Projects
  11. November:  Cyber Monday Deals
  12. December:  Holiday and Gift Planning

Once you have established your monthly theme, you can decide what four posts you want to create that revolve around that theme.

Breaking down your months makes it much easier to digest and makes the task seem less overwhelming.

Click HERE to download my Content Calendar to get started!  Here’s a post with a tour of my Content Calendar and how to use it.

When you click, you’ll be directed to my Google Drive.  If you click on File –> Save a Copy, then you’ll be able to save the document to your own Google Drive where you can edit it.  My content calendar will help you get organized for a whole year’s worth of blogging material.

It also includes a space for Facebook posts and Email Subject line.  When you blog once a week, you have automatic information prepared to send out to your golfers.  In your weekly newsletter, you can provide an excerpt of your blog, your upcoming events and specials and any other information that’s important for that week.

It’s very important to stay in front of your golfers, so when the mood strikes them to play some golf, it’s your golf course that comes to mind FIRST!

Are you with a website service that doesn’t allow you to blog? Consider building your own website. I have a tutorial for you on how to create your own wordpress site. It isn’t as hard as you might think!