Branding Page

Simple Trick

Hey!  Today’s post is going to be short, but it’ll pack a heavy punch!

We’re talking about branding today.  It’s important for you to have an overall “look” for your golf course.  You want all of your marketing materials to look the same, font use consistent, logos, and theme of your business to be cohesive in all areas – right down to your training materials.

The trouble with keeping a consistent look is that you are probably dealing with a number of designers, staff members, and others who play a role in your marketing and worksheet/flyer creation.  They are looking for the colors you use and your font selection, but often just do what they want because you don’t have something specific in place.

If you don’t have your branding items readily available on your computer, it’s easy to just let others have free reign.  That’s a big no no in the branding business.  Branding keeps you consistent, so that over time, golfers will recognize your marketing materials even by the color scheme or font selection.

Think about other businesses who have a strong brand.  They don’t even require the name of their business for people to know them.  That’s your goal.

You immediately know those companies even without words.

The Easy Button

I did something this last year that saved me a ridiculous amount of time and you’re going to smack your head in disbelief at its simplicity when I explain it to you.

On my website, I created a Branding Page.  This page has the types of font that I like to use in my flyers and marketing.  It has the codes for the colors that I use in my logo as well as varying sizes and options of my logo.

Here’s a look at the branding page for this website:

On my golf course’s website, my branding page has even more directions for staff on its use.

There are directions on how to use the logo and its placement, so now when my staff members go to make a sign (even something simple like a sign saying we’re aerating), they know exactly what I want it to look like.  They use the correct fonts and the sign matches my overall brand.

I also attached links to the golf course’s google drive with templates for different signs.

There’s an old saying about making something monkey proof.  Keep it so simple that even a monkey can do it. I’d say creating a Branding Page falls into that category.

By creating a Branding Page, you’ve told your staff, designers and anyone else who wants to have access to your logo or other marketing materials exactly how it should be used.

Spend 10 minutes and gather all of the information you might need in order to create a Branding Page for your own golf course.  It’ll save you so much time and you’ll look like a rock star.  (If you’re doing it right, your rock star status might even reach the likes of Elvis or Gene Simmons).

What to Include

Here’s a quick list of things you should include on your Branding Page:

  1. Logo Light Version
  2. Logo Dark Version
  3. Fonts for Headings
  4. Fonts for Body
  5. Fonts for Logo
  6. Colors of your Logo
  7. Colors for Flyers
  8. Brief description on how to use these items
  9. Link to your Google Drive where you can store Templates of Flyers and Worksheets

Creating the Page

Your Branding Page is going to be a Landing Page on your website.  That means that people will need to be given the exact link in order to be able to get to the page.  It might be something like

That page won’t have a link from anywhere on your website.  You’ll just send that direct link when someone asks for it if they’re creating an ad or you’ll have it posted for staff members to know its location.  Keep its name something simple, so it’s easy to remember.

There you have it.  A massive aha moment that will make your life easier!  The Branding Page!

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