Meet the One and Only

It’s time to pull back those curtains and find out who is really Your Golf Mentor.  It’s just me, Allison George.  I’m officially the Wizard of Fun at my family’s golf course in Iowa.

I started working at my family’s golf course when I was two years old.  I have literally done everything there is to do at a golf course.  I even funded some of my college tuition by picking up the trash and pulling out all of the cans from the garbage.  Thanks to Iowa, I got 5 cents back on every can.  It was a disgusting job, but someone had to do it.  Since it was a gross job, I never prettied myself, so early morning golfers got to see a fresh out of bed me with a baseball cap on my head to get the job done.   I can remember thinking, “Why, oh why, do golfers have to play at the crack of dawn!”

When I was eleven, I began working the snack bar, at eighteen, I began mowing tees and fairways and basically any other job that needed to be completed.

I started managing my family’s course in 2004.  Managing sounds fancy, but I really move around tables, chairs, plunge toilets and keep the counters free from clutter.  You know.  Manage.

In 2015, I was declared 8th most innovative person in the golf world by Golf, Inc. Magazine.  I have no idea how I got that title, other than the fact that I have been able to completely transform my family’s business and continually implement new marketing strategies which have greatly improved our overall business’ bottomline.  

While the rest of the nation has seen a drop in rounds, we have continued to grow in the last ten years.

In my marketing efforts, I frequently have had to turn to other businesses outside of the golf industry for ideas.  Golf just seems to be decades behind.  

From studying other business, I have  a pretty strong grip on marketing in this new online world we live in.  That led me to the desire to share my step-by-step processes on how I market my business with you.

My dream is for all golf courses to be packed with people who love the only game they can play the rest of their lives!  I don’t see many 90 year old playing football and soccer, but I have several of them on my golf course every week.  It’s time the world knew about all the great benefits in learning to play golf.

Let’s get started!