Let’s Talk Facebook

Who's Ready to Be Social?

I have three teenage children.  Their lives are so strange compared to how I grew up.  Social media has completely changed our market place.  It’s highly likely that your golf course hasn’t gotten on board with how to leverage this fantastic marketing tool.

Do you ever find yourself watching an old movie (yeah, movies from the 90’s are considered old) and you watch the plot and think “Why don’t they just look that up on their phone?” or “Why don’t they just make a phone call when they’re in the woods?”  maybe it’s “How could they not know that?  It was all over social media!”?  We walk around with computers in our pockets that are hundreds of times faster and better than the computers that put astronauts on the moon!!

If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of social media, you’re going to have to overcome that aversion or find someone on your staff who is all over social media.  That’s where your golfers are hanging out, so it’s time to be active!


Many people find it to be hard to come up with something that might be interesting on Social Media.  You should be posting on your Facebook page at least once a day.  Facebook algorithms like posts that include video and images more than those that are text only.  If you want a larger reach, then you’ll want to have one of those in your post.  Because Facebook likes its Facebook Live more than anything, those videos have an even higher reach.

Get Started Blogging

Yes. It's time...

I’ve been blogging on my golf course’s website for about three years.  Since I began, I have developed a relationship with my golfers that simply didn’t exist before.

When they see me in the clubhouse, they’ll stop me and talk to me about something that I have written or ask me a question about a topic that’s been covered.

Blogging has helped to establish my golf course as an expert in many areas.  It has also made me be a human in my golfer’s eyes.  I am very open and candid with the activities that take place around the golf course.  Golfers have a better understanding of what exactly goes in to providing a quality golf course.

Blogging is a great platform to explain processes that might otherwise not seem relatable to your average golfer.

When designing your website, it should be an extension of your relationship with your golfer that you have when they are greeted at the door.  Are you more formal?  Relaxed and easy going?  What is the language that you and your staff use with your golfers?  You’ll want that language to translate to your blog.