Standing Out in a Sea of Golf Courses

What Makes You Unique?

I get it.  Boy do I get it.  How in the world do you make yourself unique in a sea of other golf courses?  My golf course is located in central Iowa surrounded by a mere 30 other courses.  Yikes.  That’s tough.

Let me tell you a little secret.  I don’t view any of them as competition because I mind my own business.

What makes my golf course unique?

When I first took over my family’s golf business in 2004.  I struggled with many things.  Not the least of which was the silly name my family had selected for my family’s course.   I was young and ambitious.

The first thing we did was change our logo.  We made it look more “golf like.”  There.  Better. I thought.  Then, we added cherry wood to our Golf Shop.  We remodeled to make our clubhouse look like a private club.  After all, isn’t it written somewhere that golf course clubhouses be surrounded in dark wood with men in smoking jackets and pool tables in the locker rooms?  That’s what a real golf course looks like, right?