Let’s Talk Landing Pages

Do You Even Need One?

If you’re anything like me, when someone starts talking about Landing Pages your eyes glaze over and you start thinking about the laundry you forgot to take out of the washer from three days ago or you wonder if you left the oven on.  You know.  Important stuff takes over your brain.

Seriously, though.  What in the world is a Landing Page?

They are so frequently referred to when you talk to a website person that I was kind of afraid to ask.  I felt like that kid in math class where everyone understands exactly how 4=2x solves as 2 and I was left scratching my head wondering.  Do I raise my hand to ask the question?  Am I the dumb kid in the room?

Since I have looked at hundreds of golf course websites, I can feel quite comfortable that I have found my tribe.

That’s right.

The people who know absolutely NOTHING about Landing Pages.  Thanks, Golf Course Operators.

It’s time to fix that!  I’m raising my hand and giving you a big fat explanation of why you need to have a landing page for your golf course.